Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review: A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

Donald Miller's memoir Blue Like Jazz was a big success. Then his life stalled and he was avoiding his publisher, in spite of having a deadline for a book. He was tired of thinking and writing about his own life. Then one day he received a call from a film maker who wants to make a movie based on his memoir. In the process of making this film, he realizes the same principles used in editing a movie can be applied to our own lives.

We've all wished at some time or another that our lives were more meaningful, or at least more interesting. Who hasn't wanted to go back and do it again, but do it better. Miller realizes during the making of this film that he has a chance to edit his life story to mean something more. In the process of creating the fictional Don of the movie, he was creating the person he wanted to be. He realized he could also create a better story for his own life, one he can be proud of.

This book was wonderful, it inspired me. It made me pause to reflect on my own life and think about my story. I started to think about what I could do to rewrite my story, and make it one worth telling. Will I just continue to stay in the rut I'm in or am I ready to make some life changes?

I read this book in two sittings over a weekend because I couldn't put it down and I want to read it again. I will recommend this book to all my friends.